In English

Nykterhetsvännernas Studenthem i Uppsala means ”The Student Residence of the Friends of Sobriety in Uppsala”. Since 1889 we have offered students at Uppsala university a sober accomodation. Alcohol and other drugs are not allowed on the foundation’s premises.

We offer three types of accomodation: corridor rooms, single-room apartments (”lic-rum”), and 9 regular apartments with 2 or 3 rooms plus kitchen (and one   duplex apartment). You get corridor rooms by queuing. For organised teetotalers (members of sobriety organisations that require teetotalism*) the waiting time is 6-12 months. For others, it is far longer, since organised teetotalers are prioritised.

Apartments (both kinds) are allocated based on points, and you get points for membership in sobriety organisations, for volunteering in sobriety organisations and in the house, and for living in the house.

* Please note that we are not a temperance organisation ourselves.

Important: Please read the following answers to frequently asked questions before emailing us!

Do you currently have any available rooms?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: You are of course welcome to apply for the corridor room queue or for the rooms announced in the news section of the web page (though the announcments are currently only available in Swedish). However, as stated above, the estimated queue time is between 6 and 12 months for persons who are members of a sobriety organisation and considerably longer, potentially infinite for everyone else. If you’re in need of housing fast, we almost definitely can’t help you.

Our point system for allocating apartments, both single-room and multi-room apartments, heavily favours residents of the house and members of sobriety organisations. In other words, if you are neither of these, you are very unlikely to get an apartment (but you’re of course welcome to try).

How do I apply for an apartment/the queue?

Roughly translated English-language application forms are available upon request. Please email us and ask for them! If you visit us during our office hours (Wednesdays 18:00-19:00; closed June through August), we can help you with your application.

If you need help with your application and can’t come during our office hours, please email and ask!